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PREA Policy, Procedure, and Annual Reports


The Cloud County Law Enforcement Center (CCLEC) will have written policy and procedures mandating zero-tolerance towards all forms of sexual abuse and sexual harassment.  CCLEC will describe in detail approaches taken to prevent, detect, and respond to such conduct.  Policy and procedure will be in accordance with the DOJ Title 28 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 115, and National Standards, to prevent, detect, and respond to prison rape.

PREA Reports can be made anonymously and by third parties through the following ways:
Call Jail Captain Matt Nevins 785-243-8164
                                 Call DVACK Hotline                     1-800-874-1499 (24 hours, TDD, Language Line)
                                                                                                    785-827-5862 (Can call collect 24 hours/7 days)
                                 Crime Stoppers                               1-800-794-4512

See below for full documents on policy, procedure, and annual reports.
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