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Healthy Start Home Visitor Program Frequently Asked Questions

Healthy Start Home Visitor Program helps our Cloud County parents find the resources that are available in the county and helps with installation of car seats. 
To find out more information contact Katie at the County Health Department 785-243-8140. 

Healthy Start Home Visitor Program

What is Healthy Start?
The Healthy Start Home Visitor Program is located at the Cloud County Health Department. Home Visitors are mothers that have been trained to help other mothers with their concerns. Services are provided in your home through scheduled visits to give you friendly support and information. Healthy Start partners with the family and other agencies to provide health resources, education, outreach and family support for healthy mothers, infants, and children.
How Can a Healthy Start Visitor Assist Your Family?

Healthy Start Home Visitors want to visit you before your child is born to help you have the healthiest pregnancy possible. The visitor can help you with:

  • Finding a doctor

  • Good Nutrition

  • Help you learn to breastfeed your baby

  • Infant car safety seats and how to use them

  • Planning for child care, if needed

  • Stopping behaviors that can hurt your growing baby (smoking, drinking alcohol, or other drugs)

    A home visit will be scheduled at your convenience soon after your baby is born in case you have questions or need help with:

  • Your recovery after having a baby

  • Baby Care

  • Breastfeeding

  • Nutrition for you and your baby

  • Family Planning

  • Immunizations for you and baby

  • Expected infant development

  • Understanding a baby’s or child’s behavior

  • Change in the family with a baby

  • Discipline / setting limits for children

  • Locating agencies / programs that can assist you and your family

    As your baby grows and you have new questions, concerns, or health needs, your Home Visitor can help you find the resources you need.

Who is Eligible?
Healthy Start Home Visitor Services are available to all families in Cloud County regardless of race, ethnicity, financial status, or legal residency including:

  • Women of childbearing age
  • Pregnant women, mothers, and their babies
  • Infants and children to age 1
To schedule a home visit contact Katie Kearn at 785-243-8140